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Instagram is a great method to give yourself a name. Maybe you want to promote your personal brand, business or just want followers and likes. Either way, you can get them through paid apps and there are a lot of them out there. They are not especially safe and giving your Instagram account is probably not the best idea. So, free methods are the best ones and they will get more relevant content for more followers to engage.

In this article we will show you what makes people become your followers, what are their motivations. You will get a few great tips to increase your Instagram followers for free. And we will also show you some methods and tools you can use.

Give your followers what they want

You can’t expect thousands of followers if you have just a few horrible pictures. So, that’s a good place to start. Make sure you post great pictures on Instagram, and post regularly. If you’re offering some kind of service, let them be related to it and great. If it’s a personal account, choose your best pictures, make them look amazing before posting them. You will definitely get more free followers.

As with every social media, the more you use Instagram, the more free followers you can get. Go ahead and visit profiles, like photos and comment on them. Give yourself a minimum of 20 to 50 comments and likes a day. If you do that and have yourself good content to show them, it will definitely leave out free followers. Be more active on Instagram and post consistently!

Likes Instagram tools to get free followers

There are a few free tools to get the best out of Instagram. One of them is Iconosquare, which is basically a traffic analytic for your Instagram account. You will know where your engagement is more active, which photos get more likes and comments. That way, you will know your target’s audience behavior and what do they want. Also, you will notice what time and schedule is the best to post new content and get more audience. And more audience will be more potential free followers.

Another tool you can use to get free followers is the app “Tags for likes”. Because tags is a great way for people to get to know you, but you need to know which tags. Tags for likes will give you the tips as to which tags are more active on Instagram. Knowing this and tagging along will get you more exposure and potential followers. A quick recommendation: put a few hashtags on the description and the rest on comments. That way you won’t look desperate.

Collaborations are free and will get you Instagram followers

When you have a moderate amount of followers, it will be even easier to grow bigger. You can offer to do collaborations with bloggers and influenced people who have something in common with your Instagram account. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, it’s free and it’s just about giving each other publicity.

But there’s another thing you can do. Whenever you post anything related to big brands and personalities, target and tag them. You never know when they might re-gram you and you will get a huge amount of views from them. If they don’t, you won’t be missing anything, and enjoying your Instagram. So, nothing to lose!

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