How to use Kodi on Android

Basic Walkthrough: How to use Kodi on Android

Many people have Kodi on Smart TVs and on media center boxes. However, another platform supported is Android. Thus you can have Kodi installed on your tablet and on your phone. Imagine the comfort and convenience of having an Entertainment Center app at your disposal wherever you are. If you have installed Kodi, whether from the Play Store or from Kodi’s home site, we will walk you through some basic steps. How to use Kodi on Android for the first time and set up some of its features, learn it now!

How to use Kodi on Android devices initially

Once you launched Kodi, you will find the navigation menu. It’s on the left side of the screen. You will find categories for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Add-ons, and more.

With Kodi, you can keep all your media organized and accessible in one place. Find from pictures and music to videos, sorted by movies and TV shows. It’s quick and easy. You can import your media into Kodi simply a matter of setting a source for the media from your phone’s internal storage. You can use your microSD card if your phone supports expandable storage.

For Kodi to recognize the media you have on your Android device, enter to the desired media you want to add from the main menu. For example, select Videos. If you want to add all the video files to Kodi tap “Add videos”. Then tap on “Browse”. This option will display a screen where you can sort through the folders to find the one that contains your video files. Once you have found it, select it and tap “OK”.

From this moment on, whenever you select any of the categories from the main menu, you will find your source available with all your photos, music, or videos organized.

Beyond that media that you have stored on your phone, now managed from Kodi, you can also install several add-ons. Do it from the built-in add-on browser inside the app or by adding them from remote repositories.

When you tap on the Add-ons option from the main menu of Kodi, you may find that all your Android apps of your device. They have been automatically linked and displayed within Kodi. Being able to jump into another app from Kodi is very much convenient. This is one of the perks of having Kodi on Android.

From this screen, get to the add-on menu with all the different add-on categories listed on the left side of the screen. After selecting the category, tap on “Enter add-on browser”. You will browse through the available add-ons. You will find video (and other media) add-ons for over 100 different TV channels’ online streaming catalogues. Also find media sharing websites such as YouTube and Reddit along with a huge assortment of international options. To install an add-on and see what it has to offer, simply select it and tap Install.

Along with the add-ons found within the included Add-ons browser, you can go into the settings and install an add-on from an online repository. Considering these repositories often host add-ons that promote piracy and often illegally-obtained content, it is one of the least recommended options for streaming media.

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