How to use Firestick with Kodi

Kodi is one of the most important for thousands of devices platforms and best of all is that it is available for all types of cross-platform devices. Best of all is that there are many ways to use it and apply it. Thus that for this opportunity it toa us talk about How to use firestick with Kodi, as it is very simple and if you know what to apply correctly you’ll make your TV a Smart TV. So be sure to take into account this excellent plugin that we are available for all users who want to take advantage of the application Kodi.

How to use Firestick with Kodi easily?

The first thing you want to say is that Fire stick or Firestick is the version from Amazon which is available to the operating system must be installed without problems with Kodi Fire OS 5.0.5. The first thing you have to take into account is that you will have to download the application directly from Windws. One of the main advantages is at the time to have it installed, you can put different applications that are available for Google Play.

To begin you will have to download Kodi and in this case you can do it directly from the site of this program officer. Remember that it is free and I recommend that if do it from this platform to avoid installing unwanted things and that might affect the performance of your device. I recommend to download the Android ARM where you then manage to paragraph version: enable debugging. This is done directly from “settings” or “settings” = > devoloper options = > ADB Buggin = > press the blue box that set it to “ON”. By doing this, we will proceed with the remaining.

Install FireStick with Kodi

It will be necessary from your computer you need to download the application adbLink and ask that we put the IP address of our mobile device. You will install the application general, so do not worry if you do not need to be an expert to do a Setup Advanced or not. Remember that you need to count with Kodi already activated on your TV, you will have to complete the basic configuration that we seek with this app.

You can then run Kodi with Firestick doing that you don’t have any kind of problems and quickly you will have this system, giving its becoming an excellent platform which will help to make your devices multiple with this application so popular and well known. It will take us a few minutes and you can enjoy using FireStick with Kodi as well as meet each one of the advantages of this excellent platform to make your TV into a Smart TV.

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